EVS Sending

EVS Sending


You wish to make yourself useful, you are dreaming of discovering another country, familiarize yourself with a different culture, learn another language ? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us in order to find out all relevant details regarding the Voluntary European Service.
Before creating your application file, the following steps must be respected :

  1. For information consult the Volunteer Guide (FR)
  2. Complete the form above (FR) or send us an email at sve@bscnamur.org
  3. Join your CV european model  completed preferably in English (refer to the different languages scale).
  4. Select your preferred projects (at least 8) in the data base.
  5. We shall then contact you in order to arrange an appointment so that we could familiarize ourselves with your personality and subsequently, guide you towards the best appropriate project choice.
  6. Send us a letter explaining your motivation (preferably in English) for each specific selected project
    (see advices on how to construct this document).
  7. We are contacting the appropriate project authorities in order to check the available disponibilities.
  8. As soon as the official acceptance has been granted the application file is :
    – either established by ourselves for the BIJ or else put together by the hosting project for the local National Agency of the concerned country.

    At least two additional appointments will be organized with the selected candidate; the objective being to effectively prepare his (her) project (signature of activity agreement as well as insurance) and settle the travelling details.

    Caution : we estimate that approximately 6 months will be necessary for the finalization of all necessary documents before departure.
    Project research : minimum 2 months

Finalization of the file as well as obtaining all different signatures : minimum 2 weeks

Estimated timing for the decision making process from the BIJ or from the National Agency after the introduction of the candidate’s application :approximately 2 months

Departure for the European Voluntary Service : at least 3 months after the file introduction date.

Application file introduced on :
2 February                  Departure between   1 May and 30 Sep
26 April                                                       1Aug and 31 Dec
4 October                                                   1 Jan and 31 Aug

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Le formulaire

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